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Space Travel and Tours is a travel agency for the future that is now - buying tickets to fly into space. While this will be restricted to the lucky few well into the foreseeable future, the announcement in late 2005 by Richard Branson of the creation of Virgin Galactic, and his intent to be operating commercial space flights by 2008, means that space travel is becoming a reality. Over the next few months we will be developing this site to become an independent booking agent for not only Virgin Galactic but also for the other companies that will also take up the challenge of what is truly the ultimate in Adventure Travel.

The latest update is that the US government is considering rules for space travel. So at this stage our civil servants and politicians are starting to spend their time, and our dolars, thinking up regulations for an industry that efffectively does not yet exist!


The Washington Post is reporting that space travel is getting closer:

Mineta: Space Tourism May Come in 2008
The Associated Press
Thursday, February 9, 2006; 5:23 PM

WASHINGTON -- Paying space travelers could be lifting off from the United States by 2008, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta says.

He told a group of space entrepreneurs Thursday that he expects to issue permits for test flights next year. If those are successful, licenses for passenger space travel could then be issued.

"This timeline isn't based on science fiction," Mineta said, adding that it's based on where he expects the state of commercial space to be in two years.

There have already been three space tourists who have hitched rides on Russian Soyuz spaceships to the international space station. Each paid $20